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Childcare center shows
Magic and Music for Childcare centers


Welcome to our Childcare center page.  RJ Goody has two shows especially designed for Childcare centers.

We offer a 45 minute magic show with lots of laughter, audience participation, and amazing magic. Children are encouraged to participate in several different ways as they are selected to participate either by volunteering or together as a group.  

We have been doing these  shows for over 10 years for Clients such as Kindercare, Kids choice, Kinnons daycare,and Colour our Rainbow Childcare to name a few.  We have also done many shows for many school systems across the state.  We have an excellent reputation and outstanding references.

We also have an educational music show called "SIng along with Rick and Learn about guitar."  This show helps teach children the joy of music , interaction with others, and the basic components of the guitar. It helps promote interest in learning an instrument and encourages the children to sing out and join in the fun.  Many of the songs they are already familiar with are sung and accompanied by RJ on his guitar and a few interesting new songs are introduced as well.

 RJ has been doing magic for over 25 years and is a National award winning magician.

He has been featured on "Live" with Robin Swaboda on Fox and featured on cable and in print on many occasions. He once broke a world record in "coin manipulation" and continues to amaze audiences at Childcare Centers, Schools, Fairs and festvals across the state.

 Seen here is Rick on Cable doing close up magic for the host.