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Cleveland Disc jockey's needed, Cleveland DJ jobs, Djs needed
Seeking Cleveland djs, DJ jobs , DJ wanted

Are you an experienced DJ?  Cleveland DJs wanted.

Are you working for table scraps from large DJ brokers?  We have great Cleveland DJ jobs.

Cleveland dj jobs available now. If  you want to work for someone that appreciates your talents then please click on the dj application button on the menu.  In my opinion you are priceless. I am seeking the best of the best. I want those who can be counted on to give our clients a great evening of entertainment. You must have DJ'd at least 10 weddings on your own to be considered. Reliability, character and personality and experience are perferred. I am looking for reliable, fun DJ's who will work hard for great money and be willing to do things our way. Our clients are usually very upscale and demand the best.  Contact should be by email only and will be followed up by me with a phone interview. I am seeking truely exceptional people who will be paid well for their talents. Only 5 DJs will be accepted per regional area.  I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Rick Gaudet  (RJ)