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Cleveland Hypnotist Rick Raptor
Cleveland Hypnotist

Ready to laugh like you haven't laughed in years?  

Welcome to "Journey to the Centre of your Mind"

Ever since Ricks National Debut at Cleveland State University In January of 2010, Rick has been busy performing magic and hypnosis almost weekly. Many students have witnessed the power of hypnosis first hand.  Ricks hillarious show uses lots of volunteers allowing themselves to ungergo hypnosis.


Cleveland Hynotist Rick Raptor is a professional performer with over 20 years of stage experience and has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. He is a professional hypnotist and accomplished magician. Rick has just finished creating this new and exciting hypnosis show.   

WIth advice from some of the other top hypnotists in the nation, Cleveland Hypnotist Rick Raptor's show is one of the zaniest , wonderful and amazing hypnosis shows ever performed.  And the stars of course are the hundreds of voluteers that will allow themselves to be hypnotised by Rick during the run of this show. 

This hypnosis show is the ultimate in fun, excitement, and laughter but it also a show for the ages. A show that people will remember for a long,long, time. A show that for many, will improve their lives............ forever.


Its amazing to see the reactions from the participants and the audience as people allow their conscience mind to go on vacation while Rick gives scenarios and suggestions to the subjects subconscience mind.

Cleveland hypnotist Rick Raptor has been amazing audiences at Schools and corporate events for many years. Here are just a few of the satisfied clients Rick has performed for:

Cleveland State University,Svensens, Continental airlines, Mercy hospital, Cloverleaf high school, Avon Lake high school, Highland High School, Steak and Shake, Tumbleweed Mexican restaurant, First Merit, National City, Travel centers of America, Mount Vernon country club, and hundreds of others.



330-242-0964 for booking.

Or email me at  www.magicrj@yahoo.com

Here is a picture of some students reacting after they allowed themselves to believe that Rick was standing before them completely naked.  Of course he was fully clothed but their subconscience mind told them otherwise.

Cleveland hypnotist Rick Raptor has been featured in print media and cable tv and is expected to wow cruise ship audiences in 2016 with his always new and unique hypnosis show.

IRON CLAD Guarantee:  If your audience does not laugh and have a great time we will cheerfully refund your money. Period.